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I’m so excited I get to hang out with Tyler and his family for Easter break :D

But I’m also not excited because I have nothing to wear to church and we’re going twice and I have nothing to wear and I don’t know what to do I have nothing to wear what do I do D:

Girl I have literally the exact same problem

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I need to stop taking off my shirt and giving lap dances when I’m drunk with people I don’t know. Just kidding it’s hilarious. Also Hannah I am sorry I am a piece of shit who didn’t let you talk about your problems, I suck. 

Sydney you do too let me talk about my problems and 1000% do not suck, you are one of my best friends here and our drunken conversations in bathrooms make my life. Your lap dances are amazing and taking off your shirt to give a lap dance is practically necessary; guys are allowed to just walk around with no shirt at all for no damn reason, fuck the patriarchy. I love you let’s get married

#and you don’t suck#so pumped that jeff is coming#we know who else will be coming I FUCKING LOVE YOU THAT IS PURE GOLD. Also, I suck just fine ( eyyyy) And I’m thinking a summer wedding, maybe you can get some ideas from the freaking 4 church services you are going to this easter weekend. I hope you start your easter the same way I do, in bed screaming “oh God”. peace and blessings and gasms eyy




"i’m excited… about us"

I do not need someone to complete me
but if you wanted to
we could walk next to each other
into whatever is coming next.


Architectural Watercolors

by Maja Wronska

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Some thoughts I should make private in the morning

I’m more nauseous than drunk right now and that is making me sad. I hope this summer turns out. I’m so glad to get to be with friends here, but I know I’ll miss early morning runs in the woods and Gwynn Valley and sitting on the Dolly’s porch. My parents are also being amazing about all of this, I know I am so fucking lucky to have them. “I did this in college too,” said my mom on the phone today as I neared tears because I overdrafted my account. They are so great to just let me go through with whatever ideas I have, like staying here and working this summer and having to pay rent and supporting me through it all. I guess they know I have to make my own shitty decisions. Weirdly I feel like I might be kind of an Eve Walker parent one day; loving in a way that ends up being overly protective. I really wonder what’s about to happen with next year too. I finally told Alex and he seemed a little angry but I sort of got out of him that he was just sad at the possibility of me leaving. I really don’t want to be rejected again, fuck. If any of my friends happen to be reading this, yeah, I am one of those idiots who didn’t get into Chapel Hill the first time but kinda still wants to go. It has a 30% acceptance rate, Jesus Christ. And fuck you, Georgia from Spanish, I know you’re lying your ass off about getting in and choosing State instead, you’re such a giant bitch anyway. I don’t believe business/law majors who say they got into Chapel Hill at all. God I am being such an irresponsible fuck right now. I know deep down that loneliness is better for my productivity, but I like having friends and dating Grant. Speaking of Grant, please still like me, Grant. I know Liz hasn’t really changed since Pom, I think she is just a whole lot happier, and I love it. It’s actually wonderful to see someone so happy after ending things with someone who wasn’t making them 100% happy. I’m a little concerned about this half marathon and wish this razor burn would go away.